Green Smart Network
agricultural land and
Creating a food program and pouring
food for fish within a specified time
period by feedersTurning on and off the
heaters automatically or manually and
controling them on mobile  or webAbility
to send an SMS alert if an error occurs to
the cell phone
In the field of crop production, the state
of three factors of water, soil and air
(including light, temperature and other
external parameters other than water
and soil) have a key role in the growth
and cultivation of agricultural products
and their monitoring is of great

Green Smart Network Group has been established with the  
aim of developing smart agriculture in the country. This group  
has been able to bring a technology-based solution for smart  
and environmental control of agricultural, industrial,  
household and aquatic farms by gathering experts in various  
fields of science, including electronics, artificial intelligence,  
and agriculture and information technology.
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